Advertise with Us

NAZ 8 Cinemas has a wide variety of advertising options that can fill your needs, and at prices that are really cost effective.

Various advertising options exist:

  • Banner or Poster in Lobby
  • Kiosk in Lobby OR front of theatre
  • 35mm Horizontal slide on screen on monthly basis.
  • 35mm Horizontal slide on screen on yearly basis.
  • 35mm reel - Cinemascope only. 30 seconds or 60 second.
  • 60 sec. Radio spot on NAZ KI AWAAZ Saturday from 12noon to 2pm on KEST 1450 AM DIAL
  • 60 sec. Radio spot on NAZ KI AWAAZ Sunday from 12noon to 2pm on KEST 1450 AM DIAL
  • Flyers

Please contact MINA PATEL at 510-579-1692  to discuss your advertising needs for any of our locations.

She can also be reached at



OR CALL 510-339-3686


digital slides





PowerPoint Tips:

Have your page set up for 35mm slides BEFORE you create your presentation.
Changing this after will result in misalignment of text and stretched graphics on
your slides. To do this click on FILE and select PAGE SETUP and then choose
35mm SLIDES (or 7.33 x 11 or any 3:2 proportion) instead of on screen show. We
can still print your slides if they are not set to 35mm - your presentation slide will
not fill the full frame slide. You will get black strips on the both sides of your slide.

Make sure all text and graphics are away from the edges of the page so that none
of the information will be covered by the slide mounts. With your ruler turned on,
check to make sure you have at least 1/2 inch border on all sides of your
presentation. This will give us plenty of room for mounting.

Please make sure to use only True Type fonts for all texts and bullets. If your font
does not have a double tt like symbol to the left of it, it will not print accurately. If
you do end up using any non-traditional True Type fonts such as symbols, script,
etc..., please embed the non-standard fonts into your or else our computer may
select a different font for your slide.  Arial and Times New Roman are True Type
Fonts. Times is not.

If you are importing graphs from other programs, try to create as much of the text
as you can in PowerPoint. Generally, this will give you significantly sharper text.

"The bigger the image size, the better the quality" IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE. A 500
Kb JPEG image maximizes the quality of a 35mm PowerPoint slide. Using a
larger image only increase your file size.  Make sure your images are in 8 bit and
RGB mode (not in CMYK or 16 bit).

Create one PowerPoint file.  Try to submit one PowerPoint file with multiple slides.
In your PowerPoint program - go to the top menu bar - select insert "New Slide".
This will add a blank slide to your existing PowerPoint presentation.

Mac users - Please make sure to add a "ppt" file extension to your file name if it
doesn't exist.

Check spelling before you send your file. We are not responsible for misspelled
words in the original file.  Also don't forget to double check names and addresses.

Using dark backgrounds with lighter text will project better and is much easier on
the eyes.

Please be aware that the color of the slides usually comes out lighter than the
color shown on your screen. Every monitor shows color a little different.  What you
get might not be what you see.  Our monitors are calibrated to our film recorder.

If we run into printing problems we will attempt to correct them. We will not be
responsible for delays due to incomplete or unreadable files.  Production
schedules prevent us from checking files when they arrive.  It is possible that we
will not open your file until we are ready to print.  We will contact you if your slide(s)
are not printable.  Before we print we will quickly scroll through your presentation
and we may adjust any possible problems like move text away from the edge.

Keep slides short and sweet. Don't cram too much in. Try to keep to 5-7 lines of
18 point text with headlines in 27-36 point with a different color.  Try not to use
capital letters or underline for emphasis - use bold instead. Use styles to give a
consistent look to the presentation. A couple of different fonts is plenty.