About Us

Shiraz Jivani with his vast collection of movies

NAZ8 is Shiraz Jivani's brainchild. On a mission to bring the best in multicultural entertainment to the US, Shiraz now has 3 megaplexes in California (Fremont, Yuba City, Artesia).

Showing movies from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Taiwan, Korea and Philippines, NAZ8 Cinemas is the country's first multicultural megaplex, reflecting the true mix of cultures that makes up this country.

Contact Information

Email: nazcinema@aol.com 

Fremont, Sunnyvale, CA:

Business Inquiries, Comments, Suggestions: 510-745-9340
Showtimes: 510-797-2000
Directions: 510-797-1000

Artesia, CA:

Business Inquiries, Comments, Suggestions: 562-866-1992
Showtimes: 562-866-2444
Directions: 562-866-9998